Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Newsflash: Feeling of Power

I didn't think I'd do it this soon, but yesterday I published my first book on kindle!
We are talking here about my book Keter Malchut that I've published in Hebrew in 2007.
It contains five science fiction and fantasy stories in an Israeli setting.
This book is my first effort in publishing, so there are many things that I'd do differently today, but hey it's only 2.99$!
Mainly I wanted to see how this whole 'Publishing to kindle, and selling electrons to (potentially) the entire world' works.
I guess I will find out pretty soon.
Here is the link to the Kindle book.
Here is the link to my Author page.
I also made a Createspace Print on Demand book today - Wow, busy day!
Feel free to share this information, of course!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Newsflash: Winning the Amichai Prize

Sometime in 2008 my friend Pavel from Ashan Hazman (Note, link in Hebrew, it's a really cool bookshop + Pub + Bar + Rock concert place in Beer Sheva), told me that the poet Mois Benarroch was trying for years to publish a poetry book, but no publisher wanted to take it.
I said I'd be glad to do it. I like the guy's poetry, and I thought that it was turned down by other publishers for spurious reasons.
Like anything else in publishing, it took a longer time than we thought, and it ended up costing more money (though compared to the two books I published just before that, it was relatively cheap).
We ended up publishing it in late 2010, the cover designed by yours truly (I did not do the painting, and I think the cover design is pretty awful...)
We never sold too many copies, but never mind, the guy deserved to be published.
Then earlier this week it was announced officially that the book won the Yehuda Amichai prize for poetry in 2012. I was ecstatic. this one will go down in history. Though I have to wander if that also means it's going to sell better...