Monday, August 20, 2007

the second cover

About four months ago, I ran into Nadav Nachmany. He posted in my favorite forum, the one for science fiction and fantasy writers. A very talented graphic artist, and probably an author too. So we started to work together, and you will see much of his art in the near future.

I REALLY liked his other drawings, and so I thought I might as well have the cover in color. Crowns should be golden, right?

That was a problem, because I liked the first cover, and still I liked the colors too. Didn't know what to do, but the gold got the best of me.

So I used this cover for the first printing of the book, almost sold out by now.

You may want to ask yourselves why the other three coversb then. so let's keep something for the future.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Woo Hoo

Hello everyone,
This one is for the history books. I just talked to Sifrut Achshav, (that means literature now, for all you avid Hebrew students) who is the second largest book distributor in Israel.
They said they will distribute our books!
This is amazingly good, that means we shall be on all book stores in Israel, at least theoretically, which is so much better than the ten stores we are at now...
It also means that the story about the four covers just got a little longer, there is going to be a fifth cover...
Tell you all about everything soon...

Friday, August 3, 2007

The First Cover

So I decided to become a publisher, that happened about four months ago, and I guess I should tell you more about it, but I'll save some for later.
Anyway, My ex girlfriend is a very talented artist. She's also very talented at tons of other stuff, so whenever I did stuff next to her, I always felt inadequate, but that is really getting besides the point.
So I asked her to draw me the cover for my first book. She said Ok, but I had to meet her next to the Hebrew University. She teaches there, which again proves my point about her being talented. So she only had about fifteen minutes, and she only read the last story, which is fine, because I only wanted motifs from the last story on the cover.
I asked her if she would receive payment for this, but she would not agree: "it's a favor for an old friend", if you think I should have argued let me add that she is also a redhead.
I think it came out beautiful, but then I thought maybe I want more color, but let's leave that for next time.
So here is the first cover:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A book and it's cover

Hi All,
It's now almost two months since I became a publisher, and about eight months since I had this idea in the first place.
That's not the longest of period of time in the world, but I did get some experience in the process.
I think the best way to show what it's like to become a publisher, is to tell you all about covers.
The first book by our publishing house is Keter Malchut, soon to be printed again, and a bit better. This book had, at least theoretically four covers so far. I hope the last one is the final version, and that it will not change.
So in the next few day I plan to tell you the story of the four covers, and the lessons I learned from each one, about publishing.
I hope you will find all that as interesting as I did.