Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thoughts for the End of the Year

So this was the year I decided to become a publisher. The year started out very badly, with bad personal news, but it ends in a very nice way.
I am a publisher, three books are ready and the fourth one is being edited, the first book is slowly being translated to English just so that you, dear blogger readers can read it, and many new and exciting ventures... will just have to wait because books are too important right now.
We did have a deal with 'Sifrut Achshav" but it never materialized, it was a bad deal, so never mind.
We are looking for a new distributor, and in the mean time we decided that we would sell our books directly.
Feel free to mail me at:
That is if you want to order our Hebrew books, or for any other publishing related discussion.
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