Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A book and it's cover

Hi All,
It's now almost two months since I became a publisher, and about eight months since I had this idea in the first place.
That's not the longest of period of time in the world, but I did get some experience in the process.
I think the best way to show what it's like to become a publisher, is to tell you all about covers.
The first book by our publishing house is Keter Malchut, soon to be printed again, and a bit better. This book had, at least theoretically four covers so far. I hope the last one is the final version, and that it will not change.
So in the next few day I plan to tell you the story of the four covers, and the lessons I learned from each one, about publishing.
I hope you will find all that as interesting as I did.
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