Friday, August 3, 2007

The First Cover

So I decided to become a publisher, that happened about four months ago, and I guess I should tell you more about it, but I'll save some for later.
Anyway, My ex girlfriend is a very talented artist. She's also very talented at tons of other stuff, so whenever I did stuff next to her, I always felt inadequate, but that is really getting besides the point.
So I asked her to draw me the cover for my first book. She said Ok, but I had to meet her next to the Hebrew University. She teaches there, which again proves my point about her being talented. So she only had about fifteen minutes, and she only read the last story, which is fine, because I only wanted motifs from the last story on the cover.
I asked her if she would receive payment for this, but she would not agree: "it's a favor for an old friend", if you think I should have argued let me add that she is also a redhead.
I think it came out beautiful, but then I thought maybe I want more color, but let's leave that for next time.
So here is the first cover:

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