Sunday, July 1, 2007

Book in progress

I'm Rachel, an illustrator who recently has started to work on a children book that's gonna be published by Alice. It's a very cute story about penguins, and it's really fun to draw.
Here are some explanations about the illustration process:

Every illo starts with a thumbnail sketch -

Lately I've started to do those digitally. I use the thumbs to examine several layouts and compositions. After I choose the best option, I enlarge it to the real size of the illo and draw another sketch, using transparent paper -

In this sketch I work on the lines and detais of the illo. After I'm satisfied with the 2nd sketch, I copy it to thick paper using a light-table. I've decided to use watercolors for this project, because most of the story happens outdoors and I prefer to use watercolors to draw landscapes. I also use colored pencils to draw the outlines and add depth. Here is the almost final version of this illo:

I still have to add a few details. You'll see the final version in the book...
Click on the image to view it larger.
Visit my blog to see more illustration works:
Pink flamingos.
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