Friday, November 16, 2007

It has been a while

I have done some serious thinking in the past few weeks, about publishing and marketing, and expanses. Mostly boring stuff, but I'll try to find the interesting bits and tell you about them later.
For now, it looks as though we shall publish six books by March or April, and then focus on marketing and sales etc. and not publish anything new in Hebrew till the fall.
As I have promised I will tell you in detail about all of the six coming book, and I promise to write more often from now on. So stay tuned for more details...
Also, we have now found a wondeful editor for our English translations. I intend to translate all the short stories from 'Keter Malchut' in the near future, and publish them here in the edited version. This means you can expect a new and much better version of the 'Smoke of Time' very soon.
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